About Music and Effects

Music and Effects is a boutique award-winning audio production facility based in Melbourne who specialise in sound for screen content. From creating giant explosions to adding subtle moods, the sound experts will deliver the highest-quality sound post-production results to enrich your audience’s experience.

With over thirty years in the field, the Music and Effects team will provide you with an invaluable outcome. This Dolby Digital® licensed facility is filled with state-of-the-art equipment, enabling the finest work across the entire sound post-production pathway including sound design, location and studio recording, ADR, Foley, film and TV editing and mixing.

Music and Effects will confidently resolve any technical audio problem faced by a production through the team’s years of experience and creative thinking. The team has proudly contributed to a huge range of successful Australian films and formed valuable partnerships with filmmakers and audio professionals along the way.

The experience, technical knowledge and passion for sound consistently ensure the delivery of projects to an international standard across a multitude of formats. We work on everything from feature films, television series, animations, documentaries, virtual reality, 360 film, cinema commercials, radio commercials, podcasts, audio books and DVD productions.

The impressive cinema can be hired for private screenings, launches and various events.

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