Other Services

Location recording

The location recordists are experienced in recording on set, on location or in live theatre situations. There are various systems available from Zaxcom & SoundDevices 4-track recorders through to 664 12-channel & Tascam 24-channel location systems.

Soundfield Recording

Music and Effects are specialists in fully immersive Soundfield location recording. The technology is used to record 3D atmos tracks, and this studio has been doing so since 1982.


Sound Library

Music and Effects have an extensive Sound Library, with over 30,000 sound effects recorded by the team.


Source Connect

Source Connect is a program that allows clients to remotely connect to the recording session over the internet and monitor the ADR session from an external location. This is ideal for directors or dialogue editors located in a different city/country from the talent being recorded.


Audio Facility Tours

Music and Effects host tours of the facility for film and audio students and enjoy being able to share first hand the experience of mixing in a large theatre, creating Foley in a purpose built studio and hearing stories from Doron’s deep well of experience at the console.


Other Services:

  • Audio Clean Up
  • File Conversion
  • Audio Technical Advice